Twistoast is an application that will guide you through the network of buses and tramways of Caen, Normandy (France). Twistoast will help you find the right bus in Caen, as it is an alternative to the web-based official app. It's been mostly translated in English, to help you whether you are a tourist visiting the city or an English-speaker living in Caen.

Main features:

  • A native list of bus stops that you can personalize, to always have access to all the information you need at the time you need it;
  • Notifications and a Pebble application, so you can have all the next schedules at a glance;
  • An auto-refresh feature, to make sure you always have the freshest data;
  • Access to all of the bus schedules, so that you can plan your trips in advance;
  • And all the useful features you may need, such as routes calculation, trafic info, and news about the network.

Twistoast is free and available for all phones and tablets running Android 4.0+.

Enjoy the ride!