Hey there!

My name is Baptiste Candellier. I will be graduating in September 2018 from ENSICAEN as a software engineer, with a specialty in electronic transactions and security. I'm professionaly fluent in English, and French is my mother tongue.

I love new and old technology with a passion. Most of what you'll see on this website is the result of years of wandering around on the Internet, trying to learn new things and making projets out of what I find intriguing.

I'm currently looking for a job as a software engineer to work on Internet of Things products, wearable computing solutions, or any mobile projects that might prove to be innovating. I'm specialized in electronic transactions, but I'm open to all industries. If you're interested, hit me up on LinkedIn or, better, my contact page.

My past personal projets are available on the Projects page, and you can find much more on my Github profile, if you're interested. For more professional stuff, do check my past experience on LinkedIn.